Press Releases- SOLIWIND achieves the first Solar PV Power Plant in Africa on airport’s roof in Oran

SOLIWIND realizes the design, the supply of equipment and the installation of a new generation Solar PV power plant on an airport’s roof surface of 15.900m2 with a capacity of 1.39 Megawatt peak (Mwc), representing the Africa’s second largest Solar installations on roof.. .

With this new Ahmed BEN BELLA International Airport in Oran, Algeria wants to lead the new technologies for the production of renewable energies. As part of an EPC contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Soliwind, an algerian company based in Algiers, provided the design and construction studies by pursuing the installation of 5,362 photovoltaic panels. The work started in September 2017 for a delivery by the end of the year and that work will mobilize around twenty employees during peak period.

Control of energy consumption:

The future Oran International Airport «Ahmed BEN BELLA» will have a photovoltaic power plant unique in the world, due to its position on roof and its production power. Indeed, the plant will produce 2 million kWh (Kilowatt hour) per year for its own exploitation according to the estimates. This may save and reduce its energy bills by providing 30% of its electricity needs. It will also reduce GHG emissions by nearly 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The new solar pv power plant developed and designed by Soliwind meets the expectations and environmental requirements of HQE (High Environmental Quality) new buildings…Click here to see more



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